Military rank dating back to napoleon

Until World War I, commanders and nations throughout the world hoped to reproduce Napoleon's lightning campaigns.

The Battle of Rocroi put an end to the supremacy of Spanish military doctrine and inaugurated a long period of French military predominance.

Despite these successes and fielding the largest armies to date, the next war went badly. A few days later the French army won a victory of major proportions at Rocroi.

At Rocroi the French led by Duke d'Enghien defeated the hated Spaniards. It was the first major defeat of a Spanish army in a century, although historians have noted that German, Walloon, and Italian troops actually surrendered first, while the Spanish infantry cracked only after repeated cavalry charges.

They were known as "Gray Musketeers" because of the grays they rode, until the king gave them black stallions and changed their name to "Black Musketeers".

The musketeers had a strict code of ethics and honor that they lived by and were held to be the noblest and most renown fighters of their day.

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